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That was informative

Oh my fucking god…this is scary…

This is EVERYTHING that I’m into.  This is ME…



// Sort of been talking on a skype call all night the past few days but not tonight so I am hitting drafts.

// Okay I lied …I fell asleep and another skype call….

welcome to my life.

valentine’s day application

Do you like to cuddle?:
Can we make-out?:
A night in or dinner out?:
Ice cream or chocolate covered strawberries?:
What makes you a good Valentine?:
Would you cook for me?:
Would you let me cook for you?:


Roses Are Red,

Violets Are Blue.

Hope you’re happy Demi,

I did this for you.

Archeops is the shit.

i love this fucking pokemon, omg.

Yuzuru Hanyu


I have fallen in love with this Ice Skating Prince


One of my favorite moves he does is this


He’s also extremely flexible


He’s 19. Do I care that he’s 5 years younger than me? Let me think…Uh







Am I sure?


Oh Yeah >///<



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    Over the past few months, I’ve come to know and love a ton of amazing roleplayers; both in and out of the Free!dom. I’ve grown a lot, my writing has improved tenfold, and I have these people to thank for that. 

     The following URLs listed are some of the people who have impacted me the most and have made my time on tumblr all worth the while. 

    P.s. I’d like to thank all of my followers for putting up with me and my shit-nanigans, and I do hope that I’ll be welcomed back into the Free!dom. 

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The Dolphin Dilemma (closed rp w/ rpharuka)

Haru-chan, I love you.

I always have; I just never wanted to admit it. Not even to myself, because..

Because I was afraid.

I was afraid you’d think it was just another joke.

I was afraid you wouldn’t take me seriously and even if you did.. 

I was afraid you wouldn’t love me back.

But I’m not afraid anymore, Haru-chan. I’m not. And I’m telling you this now because I can’t keep it a secret any longer. I can’t keep pretending I don’t want you when obviously, I do..

So fucking bad.

And because I can’t stop thinking about kissing you. About touching you. About being with you in the most intimate way imaginable, because.. 

Because I want you to be my first. My first kiss. My first love. 

My first everything.

"Haru-chan.. I—"

He froze, pouty lips parting slightly, bated breath dying with his last words..

Words he’d practiced at least a thousand times. Words he thought he could say, hoped he could say, because more than anything he had to let him know.

But he couldn’t say them. Not now. Not while he was captivated by a single fleeting glance; hopelessly enraptured by cobalt blue.

Silenced. Held hostage. Taken prisoner.

Because he had lost himself somewhere in Haruka Nanase’s stare.

"Haru-chan, I—" And he trailed off again, his heart racing, a pale hand lifting in flustered panic to nervously adjust scarlet frames and— oh god, why? Why was this so difficult? Why couldn’t he just tell him how he felt? Why was he fucking it up again?

Say it, you idiot. Just say it. Before you make it worse. Before he sees how nervous you are. Before you change your mind.

Goddammit Nagisa, just fucking say it!

"Haru-chan, I wanna kiss you."

Wha— WTF was that!? That wasn’t even close! Quick! Tell him WHY you wanna kiss him!

"Because I wanna sleep with you!"

OMF— WOW really!?

"Wait! I mean.. What I meant to say was that I want you to be my first, because—”

Because I love you.

"Because I’m a virgin!"

Wait, stop! STFU idiot, before you make it worse!